Your passion is our passion. You are looking for a partner to improve your business? Our consulting services can help you to achieve more success.

This is how you benefit from our customer network:

1. We have many years of experience in the industry
2. Individual and professional advice: Initiation of contact, initiation of business;
3. Identification of partners (at home and abroad) who might be interested in your products
4. Presentation of your products to the selected potential business partners;
5. Processing of export and import rights;
6. Preparation of the product for export; Possibly storage / warehouse service (distribution)
7. Promotion of sales: Creation of a successful network to sell your products

Retail and Restaurant Industry

1. Individual advice for “Delicatessen & Gourmet”

2. Complete product and product advice!

3. As well as constantly new wines, which are available for tasting.

4. Authentic, Italian food

5. Espresso confectionery

6. Satisfied customers