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About Difonzo - Difonzo

Di Fonzo. Tradition. Quality.


For Angela Di Fonzo the term “tradition” is inextricably linked to her childhood holidays spent with her grandparents in their country house “Masseria Pugliese” in Apulia.

She remembers well how the products from their farm like olives, oil, cheese and wine from their own vineyard were sold at local markets. Success came quickly the family was able to expand the business.

Angela Di Fonzo grew up in a family where Italian specialties were not only food or products, but were connected to joy and passion. At the time Angela was not yet aware that these childhood experiences were going to shape her future life.

The family business had a deep impact on the young Angela and she herself became a successful entrepreneur, who continues to cherish the traditions and passion for Italian products. The balance between work and family is still very important for the business woman. The joy of life is a central point: To enjoy food, drinks and life with the whole family is a self-evident expression of … la dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita in Germany

When Angela Di Fonzo moved to Germany, one thing was clear to her: She wanted everyone in her new home to experience exceptional Italian specialties. That meant bringing Italian delicacies of the highest quality to Germany.

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the spread of fire” – this quote by composer Gustav Mahler describes Angela Di Fonzo’s intentions particularly well.

Early on, she became the sales representative for renowned Italian food and wine producers. Here, she had the chance to learn the business from scratch. It is
noteworthy that she was the only woman in this hitherto male-dominated business.

Angela’s work ethic and determination made her successful.
The years of experience, the support of her family and her excellent network with the Italian producers guarantee high-quality products for her customers that are selected with love and care.

Success is not a matter of coincidence

Word of this has spread as far as Italy: her success secured her an exclusive partnership contract with the Nannini Group and Veroni for northern Germany.
The name Nannini stands for the highest quality in coffee culture. The entrepreneur Alessandro Nannini was a well-known Formula 1 driver, his sister Gianna Nannini is a world-renowned singer/songwriter and famous rock star.

In contrast to the old Caesar, Angela Di Fonzo has never rested on her laurels but regularly visits trade fairs to be on top of new trends and novelties.

Top quality and reliable service since 1973. We are not just a wholesaler. We connect.